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Witty 'N' Pretty

Hello loves! Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m apartment hunting in my future place of residence- Charleston, SC- so today I thought I might show you a few things that are inspiring me in terms of how I’m going to decorate!

The colors I’m going with are gray, light pink, white, black, and gold. Of course, I’m adding in touches of glitter everywhere! Pretty fonts like the one you see below will also adorn my walls as I think they add so much personality to a room. I want a touch of whimsy in the main living area!



In my bedroom, I’m really hoping to keep the color palette to black and white with hints of pink and some silver. Based on all the little accessories and decorative items I’ve collected over the past few years, I think I can pull this look off. I’m going to be looking for a…

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Hayden Williams

Hi guys!

I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite artists-Hayden Williams. He had recently found a lot of fame in drawing celebrities in their outfits. For example, he did a design for Kate Moss’ new beauty campaign.

I just thought it’s quite nice to let you guys see who I love!

My all time favourite design of his has to be the one he did earlier this year of the Disney princesses! Like almost every girl in the world, when I was younger I loved them! Hayden has pretty much single handedly made teenagers start loving the Disney princesses by making them trendy. See what you think:


Amazing right?

There is also another one he did which has a selection of the princesses standing with their enemies:


Next I think it has to be the picture he did of probably the most famous models: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn. I just love this!


My next favourite is a design he did called ‘Wedding Couture 2014’. He did lots of different designs but I this is my favourite one!


And finally, he did a drawing of Kimmy K with North West!
I love this because he managed to get North West’s cuteness just right!


Have a look on his website and his instagram!!